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Keynote Speaker Title Listing

Nobel Laureate Lectures

01 Instrumentation and Experimental Techniques

02 Methods for Structure Determination

03 Computing in Computational Modelling, Anaylsis and Molecular Design

04 Crystallography of Biological Macromolecules

05 Biological Small Molecules

06 Organic Compounds

07 Organometallic and Coordination Compounds

08 Inorganic and Mineral Compounds

09 Charge, Spin and Momentum Density

10 Material Science

11 Structure/Property Relationships

12 Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin Films

13 Fiber Diffraction

14 Small Angle Scattering

15 Diffraction Physics and Optics

16 Crystal Growth

17 Characterization of Defects, Microstructure and Texture

18 High Pressure Crystallography

19 High/Low Temperature Crystallography

Number of titles submitted: 8

20 Symmetry and its Generalizations

Number of titles submitted: 0

21 Topology

22 Databases

23 Teaching Crystallography

24 History of Crystallography

25 Other

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