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IUCr CPD Round Robin on Quantitative Phase Analysis

Description of Samples

The CPD-QARR homepage is located at http://www.iucr.org/iucr-top/comm/cpd/QARR/

Click here Weighed and Measured Values of Distributed Samples and Data (released on the web, 8th November 1999)

  • Sample 1(a-h) - (Simple): Mixtures of Corundum (Al2O3), Fluorite (CaF2), Zincite (ZnO) (There is an option to analyse a single sample - that being Sample 1g.

  • Sample 2 - (preferred orientation) : Mixture of Corundum (Al2O3), Fluorite (CaF2), Zincite (ZnO), Brucite (Mg(OH)2

  • Sample 3 - (amorphous content) : Mixture of Corundum (Al2O3), Fluorite (CaF2), Zincite (ZnO), Glass (as Silicon Oxide)

  • Sample 4 - (microabsorption) : Mixture of Corundum (Al2O3), Magnetite (Fe3O4), Zircon (ZrSiO4)

  • Synthetic Bauxite : Gibbsite, Goethite, Boehmite, Hematite, Quartz, Kaolinite, Anatase

  • Natural Granodiorite : Major Quartz, Feldspar, Albite, Biotite; lesser Clinochlore, Hornblende; traces of Zircon

  • Pharmaceutical : Mannitol, Sucrose, DL-Valine, Starch, Nizatidine

Analyse the Standard Powder X-ray Diffraction Data Sets - Retrieve them via the web

How to participate

After deciding what you would like to analyse, contact us by email or any method you prefer. Details should include Name, Affiliation, Postal address, Phone and FAX numbers (including country and area codes), Email address. Extra information should include information about which of the samples you wish to analyze plus the amount of sample required (i.e. are they an X-ray, neutron user, XRF, IR, Wet Chemical, etc).

Get powder samples to run and analyse by contacting us on qpa.rr@minerals.csiro.au.

Contact Details for all Correspondence

Ian Madsen
CSIRO Minerals
Box 312 Clayton South 3169
Phone +61 3 9545 8785 direct
Phone +61 3 9545 8500 switch
FAX +61 3 9562 8919
Email qpa.rr@minerals.csiro.au (for the round robin)
Ian.Madsen@ minerals.csiro.au (for all other correspondence)
Web: http://www.dl.ac.uk/SRS/XRD/IUCR/QARR/

Get the Standard Powder X-ray Diffraction Data Sets via the web

Please feel free to email any queries to: qpa.rr@minerals.csiro.au