Bursary scheme for inter-regional travel of students and post-docs attending meetings of Regional Associates

The IUCr has established a bursary scheme for young scientists attending the annual meetings of the Regional Associates. This is additional to the young scientist support that the IUCr already provides and is aimed at facilitating the attendance of young scientists from the area covered by one Regional Associate at a meeting of a different Regional Associate. The aim is to broaden the knowledge of the awardees and enable them to establish contacts that will be of great help to them in their careers.

The scheme is run by the IUCr and is the responsibility of the Executive Committee, which will form a Sub-committee to select successful applicants.


  • (1) Students and post-docs may apply for financial assistance of up to $2,000 towards travel and subsistence expenses to enable them to attend a meeting of a Regional Associate (American Crystallographic Association, Asian Crystallographic Association, European Crystallographic Association or Latin-American Crystallographic Association) other than the one corresponding to their country of residence/work. Up to five awards will be made for each meeting.

  • (2) Applications should be sent by e-mail to the Executive Secretary (execsec@iucr.org) and include evidence of an accepted Abstract for a poster or a talk. An Application Form may be downloaded here.

  • (3) The application should be accompanied by a CV and a letter of recommendation from an academic supervisor/mentor.

  • (4) An applicant may receive an award on only one occasion.

  • (5) For each meeting of a Regional Associate there should be no more than one award for each research group.

  • (6) An applicant must have (or create) an entry in the World Database of Crystallographers.

  • (7) Awards will not be made in the year of an IUCr Congress.

  • (8) Applications must reach the Executive Secretary at least three months before the beginning of the meeting. [Note: the deadline for the 1st LACA meeting, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 9-11 September 2015, has been extended to 9 July 2015.]