The Gnu Xtal System User's Manual

Edited by

Sydney Hall

Douglas du Boulay

Roeli Olthof-Hazekamp

Revision History
Revision 3.7.2Feb 2003Revised by: ddb
Twelfth edition. Docbook, sgml
Revision 3.7Apr 2000Revised by: srh, ddb
Eleventh edition. Html only
Revision 3.6Apr 1997Revised by: srh, ddb
Tenth edition. Linuxdoc - html only
Revision 3.5Apr 1997Revised by: srh
Ninth+1/2 edition
Revision 3.4Feb 1996Revised by: srh
Ninth edition. Last bound/published manual
Revision 3.2Sept 1992Revised by: srh
Eighth edition
Revision 3.0Jun 1990Revised by: srh
Seventh edition
Revision 2.6Apr 1989Revised by: srh
Sixth edition
Revision 2.4Mar 1988Revised by: srh
Fifth edition
Revision 2.2Mar 1987Revised by: srh
Fourth edition
Revision 2.0Mar 1986Revised by: srh
Third edition
Revision 1.5Mar 1985Revised by: srh
Second edition
Revision 1.0Dec 1983Revised by: srh
First edition of Xtal (derived from XRAY76)

This is the user's manual for the Gnu Xtal System of crystallographic software, version 3.7.2.

Program descriptions prepared by contributing authors.

Compiled and collated by the editors.

Table of Contents
1. Preface
2. Primer
3. Program controls
4. Reference Manual
A. Archive file map
B. Symmap file
List of Figures
4-1. Screen shot of GIP
4-2. Screen shot of PIG
4-3. Screen shot of POWGEN
4-4. Screen shot of PREABS
4-5. Screen shot of PREVUE
4-6. Screen shot of SURFIN