3.4. ADDPAT: Create powder pattern bdf

labeldata for the lrplab: record
backgrnot used
phasesphase names
wavleninstrumental parameters

ADDPATOptionCode Default 
 input file extension inp ext diffractometer filepow
 output file extension out ext suitable for POWGEN or RIETVDpat
 input file type typ   phi
 Philips APD ASCII files phi    
 Philips PC-APD files apd    
 Raw data files raw    
 WYRIET input files wyr    
 Universal X-ray data uxd    
 ? tan    

label1character data for the lrplab: record 

backgr1not used 

phases1name of first phase 
 2name of second phase 
 3...up to 10 phases 

wavlen1Wavelength alpha11.540598
 2Wavelength alpha20.0
 3alpha2/alpha1 intensity ratio0.0
 4polarisation ratio.915
 5radiation type (xray ,electron, neutron or synchr)xray
 6fixed divergence slit (0/1=fix/var)fixed
 7data lp corrected (0/1=no/yes)no