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My name is Richard Ball and I have been working with various CIF incarnations
since very early on in the adoption of CIF by the IUCr. For the last several
years I have been using my own code to read and write CIFs for a wide variety
of storage and manipulation tasks related to the many small-molecule
structures done here at Merck.

The routines I have written are all in Perl (a language well-suited to the
types of tasks required) and they all deal with standards-compliant files
(since that is what I write <g>). What I don't have yet are dictionary
reading/writing/validation routines and I would be very interested in such
scripts if anyone has any available.

Richard Ball
Dr R.G. Ball                    |  voice: 732-594-5341
Merck Research Laboratories     |  fax: 732-594-6793 or 6100
PO Box 2000, R50-105            |  email: Richard_Ball@merck.com
Rahway, NJ  07065   USA

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