Commission on Structural Chemistry

Commission on Structural Chemistry


The IUCr Commission on Structural Chemistry (IUCr CSC) is one of several International Union of Crystallography Commissions and is responsible for supporting activities relating to chemical crystallography. This page reports on those activities and provides historical and background information.

Created by J. Flippen-Anderson, Modified November 2005 by A. Bacchi, Last updated March 2011

Principal activities

Structural Chemistry gathers a vast number of lively topics in the field of crystallography. CSC aims to encourage the creation of a network of exchange for people and ideas, by stimulating and coordinating activities within the area of Structural Chemistry. CSC promotes and endorses workshops, schools, conferences involving topics related to SC, with particular attention to ensuring geographical and gender harmonization especially for young scientists. CSC also takes care of collecting inputs for the preparation of the scientific programs of IUCr meetings. CSC has recognized the importance of promoting joint activities with other Commissions with partially overlapping interests, providing an effective sharing of information and opinions, particularly useful in the process of evaluating the support to schools and meetings, and in setting up the scientific program for International Crystallographic Conferences, first of all the IUCr meeting, where a synergy between Commissions can strenghten the program. To realize this at best, CSC shares some consultants with the Commission of on Inorganic and Mineral Structures and with the Commission for Crystallographic Teaching. In this context, CSC has also set up a stable connection with the Cambridge Crystallographic Database Centre by inviting one representative of CCDC to join the list of consultants.

Other current issues are:

  • Prepare articles for the IUCr Newsletter identifying Commission officers, members and consultants and announcing and reporting on meetings, schools, workshops, projects and other activities. If appropriate identify significant developments in the area of the Commission and awards to or news about community leaders.
  • World Directory Liaison: gather names and addresses of scientists interested in the research area of the Commission and forward them to the IUCr Newsletter Office and the General Editor of the World Directory.  
  • Liaison with Commission on Crystallographic Teaching to provide lists of names and dates of national and international schools, and lists of books, web sites, teaching aids in the area of expertise of the Commission.
  • Liaison with Commission on Crystallographic Nomenclature and COMCIFS (Committee for the Maintenance of the CIF Standard) to propose a list of definitions of technical terms or jargon pertinent to the activities of the Commission.
  • Liaison with Commission on Journals to propose expanded areas of coverage of existing journals (print, electronic or virtual), new areas of coverage or perhaps a new journal or changes in formatting to serve better the needs of the Commission.
  • Liaison with Commission on International Tables to propose new volumes of International Tables, tailored to the needs of the Commission.
  • Liaison with the Chair of the IUCr/Oxford Press Book Series Selection Committee to identify the need for new books on the topic of the Commission and potential authors.
  • Maintain the Commission web site

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