Crystallographic resources

This part of the web site includes information that will be useful in the day-to-day work of crystallographers.

Currently we provide links to

  • The World Directory of Crystallographers and of other scientists employing crystallographic methods
  • Other directories of useful services and suppliers
    • Radiation and diffraction facilities
    • Regional and national crystallographic associations and societies
    • Crystallographic software
    • Suppliers of laboratory equipment
  • Information about the management of crystallographic data and other data-related activities
  • The Crystallographic Information Framework, an archival data-exchange standard
  • Archives of the IUCr email discussion lists
  • IUCr discussion forums
  • The online web pages of some of the most active IUCr Commissions
  • Information about software collections distributed to sites with restricted Internet connectivity
  • A font for symmetry operations as used in International Tables for Crystallography