Crystallographic Information Framework

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The standard reference describing the Crystallographic Information Framework.


  • Current working CIF1.1 specification
  • The original paper describing the CIF standard: Hall, S. R., Allen, F. H. and Brown, I. D. (1991). "The Crystallographic Information File (CIF): A New Standard Archive File for Crystallography", Acta Cryst., A47, 655-685 [Details] See also HTML version (
  • Updated format specification 2.0: Bernstein, H. J., Bollinger, J. C., Brown, I. D., Gražulis, S., Hester, J. R., McMahon, B., Spadaccini, N., Westbrook, J. D. & Westrip, S. P. (2016). "Specification of the Crystallographic Information File format, version 2.0", J. Appl. Cryst. 49, 277-284 details


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