Resources for crystallographic education

Archived educational web sites and resources of interest

These resources were formerly listed in the IUCr directory of educational web sites. They now appear to be defunct or have moved. We retain them here (including broken links) as part of the historical record. If anyone knows what has happened to these sites, or can provide a valid new web address for any of them, please let us know. Where possible, we have also provided a link to the last known capture in the Internet Archive.

Biological structures

Advanced Certificate in Protein Crystallography on the Web, Dept. Crystallography, Birkbeck College, University of London.
The Principles of Protein Crystallography on the Web, Dept. Crystallography, Birkbeck College, University of London.

Crystal structure analysis

Practical Guide to Solving Single Crystal Structures, Manuel A. Fernandes. Guide to solving crystal structures using WinGX together with other well know crystallographic packages such as Platon and Mercury

Crystals and their structures

Atomic packing and Crystal Structure Tutorial, Birkbeck College, University of London and BCA. This software is a single user interactive package which teaches the principles of the atomic packing of spheres and shows how this is related to crystal structure


X-ray Diffraction Simulators: 2D X-ray Diffraction Simulator, Marc De Graef. Program developed at Carnegie Mellon using the cT programming language as an aid to teaching undergraduate courses involving crystallography
X-ray Diffraction Simulators: 3D X-ray Diffraction Simulator, James Cheney and Marc De Graef. Program that can be used as an educational tool and as a real research program
Teaching guide for X-Ray and neutron diffraction, R. B. Neder and Th. Proffen. Pictorial guide to crystal structures and their Fourier transforms useful for teaching diffraction physics

Powder diffraction

The Rietveld Method, Hugo Rietveld. Rietveld Refinement, Rietveld Analysis, Rietveld Technique, Rietveld Calculation,Rietveld Quantitative Phase Analysis