Visiting Professorship Scheme

The IUCr Visiting Professorship scheme aims to support some of the costs of having internationally recognized scientists as lecturers for short courses at workshops or schools organized in developing countries. Visiting Professorships will not normally be awarded for workshops or schools held in BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). These schools or workshops may have national or international character. Up to a maximum of three Visiting Professorships (VPs) can be granted for a single event. Travel and insurance costs will be met by the IUCr, while the local organizers cover the accommodation/subsistence expenses. Support from at least one IUCr Commission is required.

Applications will be considered three times a year at the end of February, June and October. Applications should be submitted well in advance so that when considered at one of these deadlines, the date of the event should lie at least six months ahead. If the sponsorship of the IUCr is also requested for the school or workshop as a whole, both applications with their separate forms should be submitted together, and in this case the application should be timed according to the conditions for applications for IUCr sponsorship of meetings (nine months in advance).

Please use the appropriate application form:

  • FORM VP1 - if an application for IUCr sponsorship and support for the meeting as a whole is also being submitted
  • FORM VP2 - If an application for IUCr sponsorship and support for the meeting as a whole is NOT being submitted