International Union of Crystallography

Triennial Congresses

The triennial congresses of the IUCr are the major international scientific meetings for crystallographers world wide. Each congress includes one or more sessions of the General Assembly which approves the policies of the Union.

The next Congress will be the 27th and will be held in Calgary, Canada, 11–18 August 2026.

It is the policy of the IUCr that strong emphasis should be given to provide a programme that is balanced with respect to gender and nationality.   


Travel Support for Senior Scientists from President's Fund

One of the most common uses of the IUCr President's Fund is to provide funds to assist financially disadvantaged crystallographers to attend IUCr Congresses. These funds are not used for student travel because the Sub-Committee on the Union Calendar provides support for this. The President's Fund is thus used to help senior scientists from developing countries to attend IUCr Congresses.

    * There are no restrictions with regard to gender or country of origin of the applicant (although it must be a developing country). Available funds are limited so not all requests can be honoured; awards will reflect a balance of regional and gender distribution.
    * Applications on standard forms (PresFundForm2023.pdf) should be submitted to the Executive Secretary at least five months before the date of the meeting.
    * Application forms should be accompanied by letters of support from the appropriate Regional Associate and/or National Committee for Crystallography (if applicant's country is a member of the IUCr).
   * Awards will not be made to the same individual for two consecutive Congresses.