International Union of Crystallography


The scientific work of the IUCr is conducted through its Commissions.

Each Commission page contains Terms of Reference, details of members and consultants and links to annual and triennial reports. A link is also provided to the web pages maintained by the Commission (where available).

Contacting Commissions

Each non-publishing Commission has a global email address. Emails sent to this address will go to all members and consultants of the Commission and to the member of the Executive Committee with special responsibility for the Commission.  Those applying to the Sub-committee on the Union Calendar for support of a meeting and seeking support of a Commission for their application should contact the relevant Chair.

Commission Email address of Chair Global email address (i.e. all members and consultants) Executive Committee member acting as liaison
Aperiodic Crystals Wulf Depmeier
Biological Macromolecules Jenny Martin
Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials Hanna Dabkowska
Crystallographic Computing Wulf Depmeier
Crystallographic Nomenclature* Marv Hackert
Crystallographic Teaching OLUWATOYIN.ASOJO@HAMPTONU.EDU Luc Van Meervelt
Crystallography in Art and Cultural Heritage Radek Kuzel
Crystallography of Materials Radek Kuzel
Electron Crystallography Santiago Garcia-Granda
High Pressure Masaki Takata
Inorganic and Mineral Structures Wulf Depmeier
Magnetic Structures Santiago Garcia-Granda
Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography Sven Lidin
Neutron Scattering Santiago Garcia-Granda
NMR Crystallography and Related Methods Santiago Garcia-Granda
Powder Diffraction Graciela Diaz de Delgado
Quantum Crystallography Masaki Takata
Small-Angle Scattering Jenny Martin
Structural Chemistry Luc Van Meervelt
Synchrotron and XFEL Radiation Masaki Takata
XAFS Marv Hackert

*Members of the Commission on Crystallographic Nomenclature are ex officio. Emails should be addressed to the Chair.