International Union of Crystallography

IUCr support of meetings

Meetings supported since 2006

A full list of meetings that have been supported since 2006 may be found here.

Announcement: national meetings in developing countries

The scope of meetings that may be supported through the Sub-committee on the Union Calendar has been extended so that national meetings that are held in developing countries are now included.  Such meetings will also be eligible for support through the Visiting Professorship Scheme, where appropriate.  (The IUCr Visiting Professorship Scheme will pay the travel and insurance costs for up to three eminent scientists to enable them to present a short course at a workshop or school.  The local organizers cover the accommodation/subsistence expenses.)

It is the policy of the IUCr that strong emphasis should be given to provide a programme that is balanced with respect to gender and nationality.

Blackout periods

If applying for support please check that the date of your meeting does not fall within the one-month blackout period around IUCr Congresses (see Rule 3 below). 

Application procedure

Requests for IUCr endorsement and nominal financial support for meetings are received and considered by the Sub-committee on the Union Calendar, which makes recommendations to the Executive Committee.

The Application Form may be downloaded here.  Completed Forms should be returned to the Chair of the Sub-committee via email:

Professor G. Diaz de Delgado, Laboratorio de Cristalografía, Depto. de Química, Fac. de Ciencias, Universidad de Los Andes, Apdo. 40. La Hechicera, Mérida, Mérida 5251, Venezuela  (email: and


The IUCr sponsors symposia and workshops on topics relevant to crystallography. There is a well defined procedure that should be followed when applying for sponsorship. The main rules are as follows:

  • 1. Applications for support are considered if they are submitted at least nine months in advance of the date of the meeting. Applications will be considered by the Committee three times a year at the end of February, June and October. Applications for sponsorship should be timed accordingly. For example, for a meeting to be held in June an application should be submitted by September of the previous year at the latest.
  • 2. Requests from satellite meetings may be submitted, and possible financial support requested, separately or through the Organising Committee of the main meeting.
  • 3. Meetings (other than satellite meetings) scheduled to be held within one month before or after an IUCr Congress will not be considered for sponsorship. For any meetings scheduled to be held between one and two months before or after a Congress, the application for sponsorship requires the approval of the Chair of the Congress Programme Committee. For meetings (other than satellite meetings) scheduled to be held, in the respective region, within one month before or after a meeting of a Regional Associate (American Crystallographic Association, Asian Crystallographic Association, European Crystallographic Association, Latin-American Crystallographic Association), the applicants for sponsorship must seek the approval of the Chair of the Regional Associate Organizing Committee.
  • 4. IUCr support can only be given to meetings that are international in character and open to participants from all countries. For international meetings the membership of the Programme Committee is a good indication of this.  National meetings are only supported if held in developing countries.
  • 5. IUCr support should only be given to meetings that include a speaker policy and statistics relating to gender balance on the conference website.  The policy should be consistent with the IUCr's policy on gender balance.
  • 6. Active crystallographers should be involved in the organization of the conference and one or more sessions should deal with specific crystallographic topics. This does not automatically include any session on condensed matter physics, materials science or symmetry not related to crystallography. According to these criteria all meetings organized by IUCr Commissions automatically qualify.
  • 7. The IUCr continues to support and uphold ISC's policy of non-discrimination and adheres to its decisions and procedures concerning free circulation of scientists. Organizers of any meeting seeking IUCr sponsorship and support must assure the Sub-committee on the Union Calendar that the authorities of the country in which the meeting is to take place guarantee free entrance of bona fide scientists from all countries.
  • 8. Explicit support from the Chairs of the relevant IUCr Commission(s) is required for any international meeting (except for the meetings of Regional Associates) and from the Commission on Crystallographic Teaching for any international schools (except for those organized by an IUCr Commission).   Email addresses for the Chairs may be found here.
  • 9. Travel support for young scientists is available for all meetings (including schools). This money should not be used for waiver of registration fees or for any purposes other than travel, accommodation and subsistence for the sponsored scientists.  It is recommended that the presentations of young scientists supported by the IUCr should be in English.
  • 10. Consideration should be given as to whether the proposed meeting is appropriate in subject, form and timing with respect to other related meetings.
  • 11. Except in special cases, IUCr funds should not be used to sponsor more than one event per year in the same location.
  • 12. Registration fees should be the same for both local and non-local participants.