Crystallographic data

Committee on Data (CommDat)

The Committee on Data was established by the IUCr Executive Committee at its meeting in Denver in July 2016. The Committee on Data (CommDat) will work with the IUCr’s Commissions, including the Commission on Journals, having a coordinating and advisory role regarding data. CommDat will report directly to the IUCr’s Executive Committee and will subsume the functions of the Diffraction Data Deposition Working Group, which will cease to exist as a separate entity from the time of the IUCr Congress in Hyderabad in August 2017, and will continue the data-related interests of the now discontinued Committee on Crystallographic Databases and Committee on Electronic, Publishing, Dissemination and Storage of Information. It will exist alongside, and have a formal relationship with, the Committee for the Maintenance of the CIF Standard (COMCIFS), which will continue with its technical brief to manage the CIF standard, at least during the current period of active development of the CIF specification and dictionaries.

Current membership


  • S. Coles (Chair, UK) 
  • H.J. Bernstein (USA)
  • A. Brink (South Africa)
  • I. Bruno (UK)
  • S. Coles (UK)
  • K. Dziubek (Austria)
  • A. Goetz (France)
  • S. Kabekkodu (USA)
  • L.M.J. Kroon-Batenburg (The Netherlands)
  • G. Kurisu (Japan)
  • W. Minor (USA)
  • S. Storm (Germany)
  • L. Van Meervelt (Belgium)
  • J. Hester (Australia) (COMCIFS liaison)


  • S. Androulakis (Australia)
  • M.P. Blakeley (France)
  • G. Bricogne (UK)
  • S. Grazulis (Lithuania)
  • J.R. Helliwell (UK)
  • B. Matthews (UK)
  • A. Sarjeant (USA)
  • D. Szebenyi (USA)
  • E.F. Weckert (Germany)
  • J. Trewhella (Australia)
We acknowledge the important contributions to the work of this Committee by John Westbrook (1957-2021), who represented the Worldwide Protein Data Bank as a Committee member since 2016.