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Senior Structural Biologist,  New York NY United States [posted 31 Mar 2020]  
Second Target Station Control Systems Engineer,  ORNL, Oak Ridge TN United States [posted 30 Mar 2020]  
Instrument Data Acquisition and Controls Group Leader,  Oak Ridge TN United States [posted 28 Mar 2020]  
Computational Solid-State Scientist,  Cambridge United Kingdom [posted 26 Mar 2020]  
Post Doctoral Position: Lysine Methyltransferases,  Grenoble France [posted 26 Mar 2020]  
Group Leader for Sample Environment,  ESS, Lund Sweden [posted 23 Mar 2020]  
Team Leader, Neutron Optics and Instruments Development,  ORNL, Oak Ridge TN United States [posted 23 Mar 2020]  
Senior lecturer in molecular imaging,  Lund Sweden [posted 21 Mar 2020]  
Postdoctoral Associate: Geosciences,  Stony Brook NY United States [posted 21 Mar 2020]  
Associate Research Scientist: Materials Science,  New York NY United States [posted 21 Mar 2020]  
Offre de thèse au laboratoire CRM2,  Nancy France [posted 13 Mar 2020]  
Postdoctoral Associate (In situ synchrotron research),  Stony Brook NY United States [posted 10 Mar 2020]  
Thin-film coating specialist,  ESRF, Grenoble France [posted 10 Mar 2020]  
Engineer in scientific computing,  SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette France [posted 10 Mar 2020]  
PostDoc: Material Science Powder Diffraction beamline,  ALBA Synchrotron, Barcelona Spain [posted 08 Mar 2020]  
Neutron Scattering Software Developer,  Dongguan China [posted 05 Mar 2020]  
Post-doc position: shape shifting colloidal nanoplatelets,  Lyon France [posted 17 Feb 2020]  Applications are invited for fully funded Post-doc position to work with me on shape shifting colloidal nanoplatelets in the context of an ERC Consolidator project that will start on may 1st 2020.
Beamline Scientist,  ESRF, Grenoble France [posted 02 Feb 2020]