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Structured Based Drug Design Science Expert (CCDC),  Cambridge United Kingdom [posted 20 Sep 2017]  
Head of Materials Science Research & Development (CCDC),  Cambridge United Kingdom [posted 20 Sep 2017]  
PhD Fellowship in GPCR crystallography at the University of Copenhagen,  Copenhagen Denmark [posted 20 Sep 2017]  
PhD position at PSI,  Villigen Switzerland [posted 18 Sep 2017]  
Post-Doc: Multiscale Dynamics of Water in Metal-Oxide Nanochannels,  Paris/Orsay France [posted 18 Sep 2017]  
Application Scientist (Single Crystal XRD),  Wroclaw Poland [posted 18 Sep 2017]  
Neutron Sciences User and Outreach Program Group Leader,  Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN United States [posted 14 Sep 2017]  
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Bioanalytical Chemistry,  Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble France [posted 14 Sep 2017]  
Shull Fellowship: Neutron Scattering,  Oak Ridge, TN United States [posted 14 Sep 2017]  
Trainee Technical Editors,  Chester United Kingdom [posted 12 Sep 2017]  Two computer-literate science graduates with a degree or PhD in chemical, physical or biological sciences are required for editorial work on our journals.
University of Bergen, Postdoctoral Fellow (2 positions),  Bergen Norway [posted 11 Sep 2017]  
University of Bergen, PhD-positions (25 positions),  Bergen Norway [posted 11 Sep 2017]  
Postdoctoral position - medicinal chemist,  Nanyang Singapore [posted 08 Sep 2017]  A Research Fellow position (postdoctoral) as a medicinal chemist is available at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), in the new interdisciplinary project “Targeting oxidative phosphorylation for the rational development of sterilizing drug combination for drug-resistant tuberculosis.”
Postdoctoral researcher in protein crystallography,  Worcester MA United States [posted 25 Aug 2017]  A postdoctoral position is available in the Schiffer laboratory at UMass Medical School to work on structural biology of proteins related to viral infections and drug resistance.
Postdoctoral position: Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Studies of Materials,  Lemont IL United States [posted 25 Aug 2017]  
Postdoc, second instrument responsible,  Hamburg Germany [posted 24 Aug 2017]  
Postdoctoral Researcher (Synchrotron X-ray characterization),  Hyogo Japan [posted 13 Aug 2017]  
Postdoctoral Position in Computational Physics,  ISIS Laboratory, Didcot United Kingdom [posted 13 Aug 2017]  
Beamline Scientist in Medical Physics,  ESRF, Grenoble France [posted 04 Aug 2017]  
Staff Crystallographer,  Salt Lake City, UT United States [posted 13 May 2017]  
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Soft Matter,  Oslo Norway [posted 15 Mar 2017]  
Postdoctoral Position in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics,  Rutgers (State University of New Jersey), NJ United States [posted 30 Jan 2017]