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Postdoctoral Position: Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics,  São Paulo Brazil [posted 14 Aug 2019]  
University Assistant (Post‐Doc): Solid State Physics,  Vienna Austria [posted 09 Aug 2019]  
Postdoctoral position in the Nano-Region Project at Elettra,  Trieste Italy [posted 08 Aug 2019]  
Research Scientist in Condensed Matter,  ILL, Grenoble France [posted 01 Aug 2019]  
Technical Expert in Single Crystal Growth,  Lausanne Switzerland [posted 23 Jul 2019]  
Un/une Ingénieur-e en sciences des matériaux / caractérisation,  Poitiers France [posted 18 Jul 2019]  
PostDoc: structural changes in biological macromolecule,  Garching Germany [posted 18 Jul 2019]  PostDoc in the field of in situ monitoring of structural changes in biological macromolecules - Neutron scattering combined with IR-spectroscopy
Synchrotron Macromolecular Crystallographer at IMCA-CAT,  Buffalo NY United States [posted 18 Jul 2019]  
Postdoctoral position - structural studies of mitochondrial gene expression,  Philadelphia PA United States [posted 18 Jul 2019]  
HWI Cryo-EM Director,  Buffalo, NY United States [posted 09 Jul 2019]  
Junior Professor for Inorganic Structure Analysis and Molecular Interaction,  Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen Germany [posted 06 Jun 2019]  
Postdoctoral Position: Protein Structural Biologist,  Masaryk University, Brno Czech Republic [posted 03 Jun 2019]  
Instrument Scientist,  Garching Germany [posted 03 Jun 2019]  
Post-doctoral Position: Structural and Magnetic Investigation of Low-D Magnets,  Institut Neel, ILL, Grenoble France [posted 03 Jun 2019]  
Research Beamline Scientist,  Argonne National Laboratory, IL United States [posted 21 May 2019]  
PhD: Quasi-elastic Neutron Scattering of Disordered Proteins,  Orléans France [posted 21 May 2019]  
PhD: Structural Dynamics of Light-Sensitive Proteins,  IBS, Grenoble France [posted 21 May 2019]