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Technicien-ne en réalisation mécanique (OSUG),  Grenoble France [posted 03 Dec 2018]  
Instrument Scientist for ODIN,  Lund Sweden [posted 03 Dec 2018]  
Instrument Scientist (Experimental Physics),  T.U.M. (Garching) Germany [posted 27 Nov 2018]  
Postdoctoral Associate,  Stony Brook, NY United States [posted 21 Nov 2018]  
Associate Scientist/Scientist Position in Polarized Neutrons,  Dongguan City China [posted 20 Nov 2018]  
Scientific Coordination and User Officer Senior Officer,  Lund Sweden [posted 20 Nov 2018]  
Lead Scientist,  Lund Sweden [posted 20 Nov 2018]  
Postdoctoral Position (Neutron Scattering Techniques & Fluid Physics),  KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden [posted 20 Nov 2018]  
Postdoctoral Position (Crystal Growth),  Brussels Belgium [posted 26 Oct 2018]  
Postdoctoral Position (Attomicroscopy),  University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ United States [posted 26 Oct 2018]  
Beamline Scientist (Macromolecular Crystallography),  Brookhaven National Laboratory United States [posted 26 Oct 2018]  NYSBC seeks a Scientist to join the NYX beamline team for NSLS-II sector 19-ID at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) to help steer further development of macromolecular crystallography at NYX. The new scientist will be employed by NYSBC organization and stationed at its NYX beamline at NSLS-II.  The successful candidate will establish relevant research projects in collaboration with NYSBC scientists, groups at its constituent institutions, or with BNL structural biologists and other groups. These projects will exploit the unique qualities of the NYX beamline and can be coordinated with the NSLS-II life science programs. 
Post-Doctoral Position (Solid Inorganic Chemistry),  Le Mans France [posted 27 Jul 2018]  
Senior Research Associate - Liquid Surface/Interface Science,  Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont (suburb of Chicago), IL United States [posted 09 Apr 2018]  
Post-Doctorate in Complex Fluid Physics,  Complex Fluids Group, Institute of Physics, University of São Paulo Brazil [posted 15 Feb 2018]