Editorial board

A. Mike Glazer A. Mike Glazer
Emeritus Professor, University of Oxford, UK


Ted Baker

Asia including Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island territories

Ted Baker
School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand


Delia Haynes
Chemistry & Polymer Science, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Abel Moreno

Latin America

Abel Moreno
Instititute of Chemistry, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico

North America (USA and Canada)

Tiffany Kinnibrugh
Argonne National Laboratory, IL, USA

Andrey Yakovenko
Argonne National Laboratory, IL, USA

Serena C. Tarantino

Europe including Russia and the Middle East

Serena C. Tarantino
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Pavia, Italy
Andrea Sharpe Sarah Froggatt
Jennifer Skade
Mark Bates
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