The Crystallographic Community

The crystallographic community

Crystallographers have always felt a strong sense of community. The creation of the International Union of Crystallography in 1947 was inspired by the desire to restore the bonds of scientific friendship amongst the nations of a world recovering from a major war. It resulted in the founding of a scientific journal owned and managed by the community, and in the establishment of a growing number of Commissions focusing on the needs and potential of different areas of the science.

The first edition of the World Directory of Crystallographers was produced in 1957, an unprecedented handbook of contact information and details of research interests tying together the community ever more closely.

The IUCr's triennial international congresses have always been lively and cordial meetings, where many close friendships and collaborations have been forged.

In this section of the web site are a number of resources providing information about the lives and activities of the individuals who work together within our community.