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Terms of Reference

The Commission on XAFS was established at the Seattle General Assembly in 1996.

In the following by XAFS is meant the fine structure associated with the inner shell excitation (both near edge and extended) by various probes (e.g., absorption or scattering of X-ray, electrons), and related techniques for which the data is interpreted on the same physical basis.

  • To promote the development and acceptance of standards and criteria in XAFS measurements and analysis so as to improve the overall quality of the research being performed in the field.
  • To interact with the organizing committee of the International XAFS Society to contribute to the organization of the biannual International XAFS meetings.
  • To increase the interaction and coordination among researchers who are involved in XAFS research.
  • To increase the interaction between researchers in the XAFS field and other groups in the IUCr who have the common goal of understanding the structure of matter and its relation to properties.
  • To promote the improvement of the experimental facilities for XAFS at synchrotron sources.
  • To help develop courses to teach the advanced techniques of measurement and analysis of XAFS.
  • To cooperate with other Commissions of the IUCr in establishing adequate guidelines and standards for articles to be published in IUCr journals reporting structural investigations of materials.
  • To advise the IUCr on organizing or sponsoring sessions on XAFS at Congresses.
  • To coordinate a database on XAFS with IUCr.