International Union of Crystallography

Commission on Crystallographic Teaching

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  • O. Asojo (Interim Chair, USA)
  • K.A. Kantardjieff (USA)
  • M. Weiss (Germany)
  • A. Guerri (Italy)
  • T. Inoue (Japan)
  • P. Kashkarov (Russia)
  • J. Moorthy (India)
  • S. Lopez-Andres (Spain)
  • D. Lamas (Argentina)


  • A.J. Blake (UK)
  • C. Mayer (France)
  • C. Rawn (USA)
  • S. Krishnaswamy (India)
  • E. Boldyreva (Russia)
  • E. Michalski (Poland)
  • N. Speziali (Brazil)
  • M. Rossi (USA)
  • M. Zema (Italy)
  • S. Grazulis (Lithuania)
  • S.-L. Zheng (USA)
  • J. Britten (Canada)
  • M.I. Aroyo (Spain)
  • J-M. Garcia-Ruiz (Spain) 
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Terms of Reference

The Commission on Crystallographic Teaching was established at the Paris Congress in 1954, with the following terms of reference:

  • To exchange information on teaching on an international scale.
  • To promote publication of articles on teaching.
  • To arrange for discussions on teaching under the auspices of the Union.