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Crystals - a handbook for school teachers

Elizabeth A. Wood, 1972

Written for the Commission on Crystallographic Teaching of the International Union of Crystallography

The IUCr is pleased to make available once again Betty Wood's classic text as an addition to the Teaching Pamphlets series. The original edition was addressed 'To the Teachers of Young Children Everywhere', and in an effort to extend the reach of this text as widely as possible, a number of volunteers have generously given of their time and effort to produce translations in a number of other languages.


For non-English-language versions, if you do not see the expected alphabet, you may need to set the character encoding for your browser. Suggested settings are listed in square brackets.

  • English
  • Arabic, translated by Karimat El-Sayed and Boshra Awid [Arabic Windows-1256]
  • Czech, translated by Lida Dobiasova [Western ISO-8859-1]
  • Dutch, translated by Luc Van Meervelt [Western ISO-8859-1]
  • Polish, translated by Zofia Kosturkiewicz [Western ISO-8859-1 or Unicode UTF-8]
  • Russian, translated by Elena Boldyreva [Cyrillic Windows-1281]
  • Spanish, translated by Juan F. Van der Maelen Uria with Carmen Alvarez-Rua Alvarez, Javier Borge, and Santiago Garcia-Granda [Western ISO-8859-1]