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The IUCr is an International Scientific Union. Its objectives are to promote international cooperation in crystallography and to contribute to all aspects of crystallography, to promote international publication of crystallographic research, to facilitate standardization of methods, units, nomenclatures and symbols, and to form a focus for the relations of crystallography to other sciences. Read more »


  • Choose your conferences carefully

    We encourage our membership to join us at the IUCr Congress in Melbourne in August 2023. This event is not-for-profit and any proceeds go directly back into supporting crystallography and structural science. We have been alerted to the fact that there is another crystallography meeting being advertised in April 2023 and held in the UAE. Please note that this is not supported by the IUCr, and we have heard claims that the organisers are fraudulently using the names of people in the crystallographic community to attract speakers to this for-profit event. Read more

  • Statement of concern for students and scientists in Iran

    The IUCr condemns the recent action of Iranian authorities that has led to violence on university campuses. We are also dismayed by the disciplinary actions taken by Iranian leaders against women, students and scientists for participating in protests or simply expressing their opinion in a peaceful way. Read more

  • Statement of concern for education of women in Afghanistan

    The IUCr is indignant about the recent action of the authorities in Afghanistan to ban women from participating in university education. Education is a staple of the modern world, and preventing girls and women of any country from participating in the learning process will lead to more inequity in the world. Read more

  • IUCr 2023 deadlines extended

    The Congress organisers thank those who have submitted abstracts and appreciate the enthusiastic response from the global community. For those who need more time, the abstract submission portal will remain open until 21 February 2023. In addition, the early bird registration deadline has been extended to 31 March 2023.

  • Temporary job opportunities for scientists fleeing Ukraine

    The global scientific community reacted quickly to the exodus of scholars from Ukraine and created numerous opportunities in their institutions and labs. The crowd-funded initiative #ScienceForUkraine is collecting offers of support; please see the list of opportunities here.

The best in crystallographic research

Uniquely among International Scientific Unions, the IUCr publishes its own primary research journals. Acta Crystallographica Sections A–F, IUCrJ, Journal of Applied CrystallographyJournal of Synchrotron Radiation and IUCrData communicate the highest quality peer-reviewed research findings across the many scientific areas to which crystallography is relevant.

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26th IUCr Congress

Melbourne, Australia
22-29 August 2023

Regional Associate meetings
Baltimore, MD, USA
7-12 July 2023

(tentative schedule)
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Jeju, Republic of Korea
30 Oct-2 Nov 2022

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Padova, Italy
26-31 August 2024

San José, Costa Rica
28-30 Nov 2022

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