International Union of Crystallography

Commission on Crystallography of Materials


This Commission was given ad interim status as recommended by the Executive Committee and voted upon at the General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia in August 2023.

In December 2023, Alex Dommann was voted in as the Chair of this ad interim Commission.

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Terms of reference

The Commission on Crystallography of Materials was established ad interim by the Executive Committee at its meeting in Boston 2012 and confirmed at the Hyderabad General Assembly in August 2017. Its remit is:

  • To organize Keynote Lectures, symposia and workshops (also in collaboration with other Commissions) on the hottest topics at the crossroads between crystallography and materials science, and raise the presence of materials scientists at crystallographic meetings.
  • To strengthen the links and interactions among crystallographers and materials scientists, solid-state physicists and chemists.
  • To organize workshops to increase crystallographic proficiency of materials scientists and physicists, and to train a new generation of crystallographers working in various fields of materials science.
  • To promote scientific collaboration and mobility of scientists across these disciplines.
  • To spearhead the recognition of crystallography as an interdisciplinary science (not just as a technique or as a tool).
  • To encourage the publication of materials science research in the journals of the Union. 
  • Finally, the Commission will act in accordance with the general statement of principles regarding Commissions of the IUCr.