Commission on Small-Angle Scattering

Commission on Small-Angle Scattering

The Commission represent the interests of the worldwide Small-Angle Scattering community, and collaborates closely with national small-angle scattering interest groups.

 The Terms of Reference define the scope of the Commission's activities, which are detailed in the Annual and Triennial reports. In particular the Commission is responsible for coordinating Small-Angle Scattering talks and Microsymposia at the IUCr Congresses, helping organise the triennial International Conference on Small-Angle Scattering, and awarding the Guinier Prize. The Commission also acts as a coordinating body for discussion on topics of interest to the community.

The Members of the Commission represent both the breadth of small angle scattering areas-of-interest and the geographical range of the IUCr associates.

Check out our list of Selected Readings in Small-Angle Scattering.

Those who are interested in knowing how these things get started should take a look at the Background Material that we have provided.

Building a Worldwide Small-Angle Scattering Community

Individual members of the worldwide SAS community are hereby asked to:

Use this communication forum to its fullest. The free exchange of information, questions, and views on matters pertaining to SAS through this medium will do much to enhance the SAS community worldwide. An archive of recent postings can be found here.
  • Become members of their national associations of crystallographers.
Please take special care to include small-angle scattering as one of your research interests. 
  • Promote the work of the Commission and its affiliated national interest groups by recruiting their colleagues as members of the community whenever and wherever they encounter them.

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