International Union of Crystallography

Commission on Inorganic and Mineral Structures

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  • P. Mercier (Chair, Canada)
  • P.C. Burns (USA)
  • M. Colmont (France)
  • F. Hatert (Belgium)
  • V. Kahlenberg (Austria)
  • M. Nespolo (France)
  • R. Oberti (Italy)
  • M. Wolcyrz (Poland)
  • A. Yoshiasa (Japan)
  • N. Zubkova (Russia)


  • C. Cahill (USA)
  • G. Ferraris (Italy)
  • J.B. Parise (USA)
  • I. Pignatelli (France) 
  • D. Pandey (India)
  • S.V. Krivovichev (Russia)
  • K. Byrappa (India)
  • J. Rocha (Portugal)
  • R. Carbonio (Argentina)
  • T. Gesing (Germany)
  • C. Ling (Australia)
  • M. Welch (UK)
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Terms of Reference

Approved by action of the IUCr General Assembly, 8 August 2002

  • To strengthen links and interactions among mineral, inorganic and materials scientists and between these scientists and the crystallographic community.
  • To promote the presence at the IUCr meetings of scientists working in 'inorganic-crystallographic' and 'geoscience-crystallographic' institutions.
  • To present at the same meetings common aspects of the inorganic structures independently from their natural or synthetic origin.
  • To favour the historical influence that mineral structures have played on developing inorganic materials of technological interest.
  • To promote and encourage the publication of inorganic and mineralogical papers in the Journals of the Union.
  • To promote the development and dissemination of methods, computing programs and databases of interest for the inorganic crystallographic community.
  • To promote and organise symposia of interest to the inorganic community on the occasion of the IUCr meetings, also in cooperation with other Commissions.
  • To promote and organise workshops and schools of interest to the inorganic community, also in cooperation with other Commissions.