International Union of Crystallography

Official opening of No. 6 Abbey Square

The Editorial Offices of the IUCr expanded in late 1996 to include an additional building, No. 6 Abbey Square, to accommodate the increased staff resulting from expansion of the Union's journals and electronic publishing projects.

On Monday 7 April 1997, the 50th anniversary of the admission of the IUCr to the International Council of Scientific Unions, the new building was officially opened by Dr Robert Evans, the first General Secretary of the IUCr.

[Robert Evans and Durward Cruickshank]
Dr Robert Evans and Professor Durward Cruickshank.

Dr Evans recalled the events of the Monday half a century previously, when the IUCr was welcomed into the ICSU family. As one of the major reasons for inaugurating a new Union was the desire to launch a journal of the highest standards to serve the entire crystallographic community, it seemed only appropriate to celebrate its first half-century in the place where its family of six journals was now produced with the most modern of computer technology.

[Andrea Hill] [Nicola Ashcroft] [Louise Jones]
Members of the Editorial staff in No. 6.

With a staff of eighteen, the Editorial office of the IUCr continues to provide publications of the highest standards to meet the needs of crystallographers across the world.

[IUCr editorial staff]
The Editorial staff outside the Abbey Square offices.
Back row: Gillian Holmes, Sean Conway, Carol Cook, Andrea Hill, Lorraine Rathbone
Middle row: Mike Hoyland, Nicola Ashcroft, Dave Holden, Amanda Berry, Tony Weight
Front row: Katie Moore, Susan King, Peter Strickland, Brian McMahon, Louise Jones, Jill Bradshaw
Ailsa Monahan and David Hoare were absent when the photograph was taken.