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Re: _atom_site_aniso_label is broken

On Tue, 2005-06-21 at 16:32 +0800, Nick Spadaccini wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Jun 2005, James Hester wrote:

> > "When the _list_link_parent data name is of the same category as the
> > defined data name, the _list_link_parent data name and the defined name
> > may be considered as a single combined definition which can be referred
> > to by either of the original data names for the purposes of resolving
> OK. I think that will work. I can't think of any case (off hand) where you 
> would not want to join lists of the same category or where you would want 
> to join lists from different categories - so it seems a reasonable 
> solution.

So now we sit back and wait for timezones to do their magic.

> > Well a bit of cage-rattling by the <irony>unwashed masses of CIF
> > developers</irony> might be in order then, especially as some sentiments
> > have been expressed about applications making automated use of DDL
> > dictionaries.
> Rattle away, James. Watch for the falling dust.
> Will you be in Firenze for the Congress?

Yes I will be there with bells on.

see you there?
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