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Re: PyCifRW new version

Dear James,

You indicated in one of your emails that you would like to continue your 
involvement with the CIF project.  I have not forgotten your wish (nor 
have I forgotten that I have your program on my computer, but not yet 
tried out - I have been quite busy lately).  At this stage there does 
not seem to be much to do in the way of software development apart from 
the work you have already done.  The first priority in turning starDDL 
into DDL3 depends on Nick, Syd and John Westbrook.  Until the final form 
of DDL3 is clear, there is not much point in preparing programs since 
there are some substantive issues, particularly related to the merging 
of dictionaries, that have to be addressed.  However, I am hoping to tap 
into your resources when the time comes, and in the meantime I hope you 
will keep in touch with what is going on through the COMCIFS discussion 
list run out of the IUCr office.  Any suggestions you have on any CIF 
topic will be very welcome.

I gather you plan to return to Austrailia where it will be easier for 
you to keep in touch with Nick and maybe help in designing the final 
verions of DDL3.  After that we will have to prepare a coreCIF3 
dictionary (a dictionary written in DDL3) and this will be the time when 
validating programs will be most useful.

Best wishes

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