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PyCIFRW news: version 3.2, new hosting

  • Subject: PyCIFRW news: version 3.2, new hosting
  • From: James Hester <jamesrhester@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 13:19:37 +1000
After a hiatus of several years, a new version of PyCIFRW has been
released, and can be downloaded from

PyCIFRW is a Python package for reading, writing and validating CIF
(and STAR) files. Highlights of this release include much improved
support for packet-based access to loops, and support for both legacy
(1.0) and experimental (DDLm) CIF syntax.  Note that DDLm syntax has
not yet been standardised - the PyCIFRW implementation is for
experimentation and will change as the standard is finalised.

In other news, the PyCIFRW project is now hosted at Berlios.  The home
page at http://pycifrw.berlios.de contains links to updated manuals as
well as a link to a browsable source code repository.  Those wishing
to follow and/or contribute to cutting edge development can use
Mercurial to download from hg.berlios.de.

The next version of PyCIFRW will be 4.0, and will include support for
the dREL methods language and DDLm dictionary importation.

James Hester
T +61 (02) 9717 9907
F +61 (02) 9717 3145
M +61 (04) 0249 4148
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