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Re: Draft JSON specification for CIF

I'd like to see an actual CIF or mmCIF file turned into JSON by this spec before judging.
But I'm pretty sure this is exactly what Jmol does already.

My first reaction is that "dataname.a" is problematic. The presence of the period demands that ["dataname.a"] syntax be used. And it suggest poor parsing of the data labels. But it might be the  simplest option.

An important aspect it seems to me is how to parse data names that include "." vs. "_". Jmol ignores this difference completely,  partially because mmCIF and CIF seem to differ some on this. (I can't remember what the IUCr spec says on "." vs. "_".)

The CIF file as shown is invalid. I presume there is an implied CIF2 header?

I would recommend REQUIRING a CIF2 header.

Bob Hanson

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