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Re: CoreCIFchem Discussion #6


   As promised I attach a list of stereodescriptor symbols for chirality 
taken from the IUPAC stereochemistry dictionary. This completes those 
indicated in my reply to #6.

   Happy New Year to you,


Stereodescriptors for chirality:

For whole molecules or groups

D, L, DL                (upright NOT italics)

Ra, Sa                  (R, S  in italics, a upright NOT subscript)
                         for axial chirality

Rp, Sp                  (R, S  in italics, p upright subscript)
                        for planar chirality

P, M                    (P, M in italic)

Delta, Lambda           (Greek upper case)

rac, racem, (+/-), rel  (italics)

ent                     (italics)

meso                    (italics)

[(+) and (-) specify optical activity under specified conditions.
 This enables enantiomers to be characterised and distinguished but it
 does not specifty their chirality.]

For individual atoms

R, S, R*, S*, RS, SR   (R, S in italic)

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