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Re: Neutron diffraction experiments

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  • Subject: Re: Neutron diffraction experiments
  • From: Howard Flack <Howard.Flack@cryst.unige.ch>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 14:34:14 GMT
> How should they be named

  The correct names for these densities appeared in a Rules for authors
or notes for authors in Acta Cryst when Sidney Abrahams was editor. It
was at that stage that phrases such as:

> the final difference Fourier map

  were outlawed!

For neutrons, if I remember correctly the term is "nuclear scattering
density" and "residual nuclear scattering density".
For electron diffraction, it should be "electric potential" and I'm not
quite sure whether "residual electric potential" was the term chosen.
Any way there is no trouble, you can e-mail Sidney and ask him directly.

  Having said this, I go along entirely with David's very wise comment. 

  When the density measurers want to report whole maps it will be
absolutely necessary to specify the nature of the density. 


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