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Re: core CIF discussion #6

Dear Howard,

   Thanks for these comments.  I seem to be running a little behind at the moment.  I have been  modifying the coreCIFchem proposal #5 to incorporate your suggestions, but this is taking time and I have a number of other projects that need attention before I can get to dealing with the core DMG discussion.  I appreciate the effort which you have made to get these comments back to me.  As you point out cyberspace can sometimes look like a black hole, and I always welcome messages received from out there.

You can now enjoy the summer until I get caught up!


Howard Flack wrote:
I will start working on the next round after June 30 which
is therefore the deadline for receiving comments.

  I made it before the deadline even if they are digging up the street just outside my office. The whole building is vibrating. I only hope I have been thinking clearly with all this noise going on. I went into another office on the other side of the building to read and think about the text but I have to come back to my own office to type my comments. Its so noisy I think I'm going home now.


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