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Re: Additional fast-track definitions

Dear Brian,

Here is the list you sent me in 1999 when I asked you the same question.

Dear David

The list of subscribers is as follows:

    *# bm at iucr.org (Brian McMahon)
    * chaltiwa at cephalon.com (Curt Haltiwanger)
    * crystal at flack.ch (Howard Flack)
    * fcb at bernstein-plus-sons.com (Frances Bernstein)
    * grin at cpfs.mpg.de (Yuri Grin)
    * gsheldr at shelx.uni-ac.gwdg.de (George M. Sheldrick)
    *# idbrown at mcmaster.ca (David Brown)
    *# johnson at ccdc.cam.ac.uk (Owen Johnson)
    * jwest at ndbdev.rutgers.edu (John Westbrook)
    *# spea at chem.uu.nl (A. L. Spek)
    *# syd at crystal.uwa.edu.au (Syd Hall)
    * vicky.karen at nist.gov (Vicky Karen)
    * wmpmameg at lg.ehu.es (Gotzon Madariaga)
    * yaya at bernstein-plus-sons.com (Herbert Bernstein)

# Voting members

You can access this from the page
- provided you remember your mailing list password! If you do get
in that way, the strange allusion on the page displaying the list
of subscribers to "(1 private member not shown)" refers to the
system pseudouser that handles the message archiving.

Best wishes


This list is so horribly out of date - Syd has retired and I suspect Owen Johnson has moved on, which leave you, me and Ton. So Ton is definitely someone to contact.  Sheldrick and Flack both did not want to be voting members, but their views would be valuable as are those of Herbert and Curt Haltiwanger (though he has not been active recently.  In a revamped list, John Westbrook should perhaps be included.  It is time to revise this list, but I would be willing to go along with your proposal as long as Ton agrees.  We should also have someone from CCDC but I am not in touch with them.


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org:McMaster University;Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research
adr:;;King St. W;Hamilton;Ontario;L8S 4M1;Canada
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