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Re: Draft changes to Core data names for multiplicity etc.

On 16.05.2012 12:32, Brian McMahon wrote:

> The expression for a structure factor

   I think this should be
   "The expression for the structure-factor amplitude"

> This may contain dispersion contributions

   I object to the use of the term "dispersion".  Current usage favours 
"resonant-scattering" although some use "anomalous-scattering" despite 
there being nothing anomalous about the phenomenon.

> F(000) = [ (sum f~r~)^2^ + (sum f~i~)^2^ ]^1/2^

   From this definition, F(000) is non-negative definite i.e. it is zero 
or positive, i.e. it is an amplitude, consequently

> non-dispersive F(000) (which may be negative)

makes no sense.

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