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Re: [ddlm-group] [THREAD 4] UTF8

On 12/10/09 11:38 PM, "James Hester" <jamesrhester@gmail.com> wrote:

> I've started a separate thread for the UTF8 discussion.
> John has floated the option of delinking the file encoding from the
> syntax specification, so CIF1.2 files could have either ASCII or UTF8
> encodings.  I believe that this is unnecessary for the following reasons
> 1. Encoding can be automatically determined: If a given CIF1.2 file
> contains any bytes with values >127 then it can/should only be UTF8.

Is it? Doesn't CBF/imgCIF or whatever have binary that is the "Hammersley"
coding algorithm?
> 2. The fact that CIF1.2 syntax allows UTF8 encoding does not mean that
> any given string-valued data item could be presented in UTF8:
> dictionary writers are free to restrict the character set of data
> values. Would such dictionary-based regulation give the PDB and IUCr
> sufficient control over UTF8 introduction (John/Brian/Simon?).

OK Only one-byte UTF-8 is allowed. Voila. Problem solved.

> 3. An additional UTF8 encoding magic number could complicate the
> simple magic number scheme we currently have in place.

I don't think it does. It would simplify the case for those parsers not
supporting yet UTF-8. It would tell them to terminate the process.



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