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Re: [ddlm-group] CIF-2 changes

On 10/11/09 2:18 PM, "James Hester" <jamesrhester@gmail.com> wrote:

>>   The use of the [] in CIF 1 dictionary category name is well-established.
>> I prefer to minimize the impact on handling existing dictionaries in a
>> CIF2 context and to stick strictly to {} as the only brackets in the
>> set of reserved delimiters and to allow both () and [] in non-delimited
>> strings and data names.  So let us have another straw vote:
>>   Option 1:  {} will be reserved, but [] and () will not be reserved; or
>>   Option 2:  {} and [] will be reserved, but () will not be reserved; or
>>   Option 3:  {} and () will be reserved, but [] will not be reserved; or
>>   Option 4:  {}, () and [] will all be reserved
>> I suggest preferences voting noting if any are fatal to anyone.
>> My preferences are in decreasing order:  1 then 3 and 2 then 4, but, as
>> long as we settle this for once and for all, I can live with any of them.
> Unfortunately your options exclude allowing brackets both inside
> datanames/non-delimited strings and as list/table delimiters.  In
> light of Nick's email I suggest an additional formulation:

Doesn't option 1: cover that case? It allows [] as part of a data name
and/or an unquoted string. It excludes {} from both. I guess you are saying
you can't have [] as part of a data name and/or an unquoted string AND use
it to delimit lists. That would be true.

BUT I think the more pressing issue is that one can't use the data names as
identifier names in a target language if there are ANY punctuation
characters present.
> 0. Make it possible to detect missing whitespace after datanames and
> non-delimited text strings if the following datavalue is a list or
> table? (Yes/No)
> If "Yes":  which of the above options do you prefer?
> If "No": which of the above options would you prefer if the majority
> prefer "Yes" as an answer to question 0?
> I vote "No" (don't make it possible to detect whitespace) and
> preferences same as Herbert (due to already existing square brackets
> in datanames).



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