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[ddlm-group] What we have resolved so far

Nick's forthcoming email notwithstanding, here is a quick list of what
I think we have resolved and not resolved so far:


1.  The new standard is called CIF2

2.  All files conforming to the new standard must have a header
containing something like the characters "#CIF2"

3.  Non-quote-delimited strings may not contain any
syntactically-significant characters (exact character set has been
specified by Nick, but before UTF-8 decision)

4.  Quote delimited strings may not contain instances of the
terminating character, regardless of following whitespace.

5.  In a quote-delimited string, a reverse solidus escapes the
following character, if that character is otherwise syntactically

6.  Files are UTF-8 encoded

7.  No tuples

UNRESOLVED (with notes)

1.  Do we maintain the fixed line length restriction?
    - I will post something to the relevant thread to provoke a resolution

2.  Is an escaping reverse solidus part of the datavalue?
    - This conversation didn't appear to resolve itself

3.  Are square brackets permitted in datanames? (getting close to resolution)

4.  Does STAR also adopt UTF-8 or go with straight binary? (This may
be up to Nick)

5.  Can we use whitespace instead of comma as a list item delimiter?
    -not yet tackled seriously but deserves consideration

6.  Are braces only or square brackets + braces used to delimit lists
and associative arrays?
    - some consider this decision to be coupled to (3), obvious preference
      is for square brackets and braces if other issues are solved

7.  What is the exact form of the header comment (there was some
discussion of adding a second character such as % or !)?

8.  Usage of triple-quoted strings: (a) do we need them? (b) do we
need both of them?

9.  Are general unicode characters allowed in non-quote-delimited strings?

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