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[ddlm-group] Stakeholders

Dear Colleagues,

   Before this discussion goes much further on any of its threads, I
would suggest agreeing on a list of stakeholders and consulting them
on what has been proposed and trying to come up with an external
user specification that they understand and agree to.  Some of
the stakeholders that come to mind are:

   1.  The PDB in Rutgers
   2.  The PDB in Europe
   3.  The PDB in Japan
   4.  People to speak for the Powder diffraction community
   5.  People to speak for the NMR community
   6.  The IUCr journal operation
   7.  CCDC
   8.  The writers of the various structure solution packages that
write (and in some cases read) CIF files
   9.  The writers of visualization programs that read (and in some
cases write) CIF files
   10.  The synchrotron data collection community.
   11.  Service crystallographers
   12.  Diffraction equipment vendors

I expect I have missed some and hope that others will add to this list.

I would suggest we prepare a summary of the current best definition of 
CIF 2 and, if this groups accepts the idea, CIF 1.5, and send it out
the lists that cover these stakeholders, starting with the PDB and CCP4
lists, and see what feedback we get.


  Herbert J. Bernstein, Professor of Computer Science
    Dowling College, Kramer Science Center, KSC 121
         Idle Hour Blvd, Oakdale, NY, 11769


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