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[ddlm-group] Character set for data block and save frame codes

Hello All,


The current spec defines an expanded character set (relative to CIF 1.x) for data names, but it does not explicitly do the same for data block or save frame codes.  Inasmuch as the CIF2 spec is written in terms of changes to CIF1, it is not clear to me whether data block and save frame codes are allowed to use the same expanded character repertoire (based on the general expansion of the character set), or whether they are still under CIF1 rules (because no specific change is made).  If the former, then it’s not clear to me why data names are called out specifically and the others are not.


I speculate that data names are called out for historical reasons, on the assumption that the comments relating to data names in a DDLm dictionary may at one time have been actual restrictions.  I infer that it is the intent that the expanded character set be available to data block and save frame codes, but I am not confident about that.  Am I right?  It would be helpful if this were explicit.





John C. Bollinger, Ph.D.

Department of Structural Biology

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