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Re: [ddlm-group] Eliding in triple-quoted strings: Proposals C andD. .. .. .. .

On Saturday, January 08, 2011 9:46 AM, Herbert J. Bernstein wrote:
>Here is a possible compromise.  This thread began with Ralf's concern about the lack of an elide mechanism in treble quoted strings.  Simon's suggestion does not really answer that question, but it is a reasonable step in that direction.  So, how about ...
>1.  Immediately adopt Simon's suggestion to allow the \\n and \\ elides in treble quoted strings.  Except for the confusion in the meaning of \"""" if a more general elide is eventually adopted that should cause very little stress for anybody.
>2.  Add Ralf's proosed new section 7 to the CIF2 document as a proposal under discussion, with the advice that people may wish to avoid creating treble-quoted string that conflict with the full python elide conventions.
>3.  Provide a coherent discussion document for COMCIFS and the community at large on the alternatives in handling the treble-quoted string, asking for comments to the list prior to the Madrid meeting.  I would suggest that Ralf be asked to contribute a page or 2 on the merits of his proposal and that either John B. or James contribute a page or 2 on their objections and alternatives.
>4.  Discuss it face to face at the Msdrid meeting and try to come to a resolution.
>5.  Move forward with the rest of CIF2 as proposed in the meantime so we will be ready to discuss all of CIF2 at the Madrid meeting, with a effort to have sample parsers and data sets available on the web prior to the meeting.

I can agree to that, with these caveats:

() The proposed section 7 amendment would be out of place in the specification itself.  It would be entirely appropriate for it to go into an accompanying document, however, such as the one that Ralf would be invited to contribute.

() Whether it would be appropriate to try to settle the issue at the Madrid meeting depends on who would be present.  I cannot be there myself, but if James will be there then I would consider my position adequately represented.



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