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Re: [ddlm-group] Simon's elide proposal

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011 7:39 AM, Herbert J. Bernstein wrote:

>Please state the proposal F handling of the following strings, both syntax and semantics, here presented in their python form

I take this as a response to James's invitation, but inasmuch as he is (I hope) sleeping at the moment, I will endeavor to pick up the flag.


Taking the first of these as representative of this pair:

This is a string containing one quote character.  The best elision under proposal F would be
Easier, however, would be to write it as one of these:


Supposing that you mean r"""\"""" in the former case, and taking the second as representative of the pair:

This is a string containing a backslash character followed by an apostrophe character.  The best proposal F elision would be
Simpler representations would be


The string contains one quote character, just like the first example.  The elision is therefore the same.


This is a string containing six characters: backslash, newline, backslash, quote, backslash, newline.  The best elision for this string under proposal F would be:
There is an equivalent form using ''', but it is no simpler.


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