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Re: microsymposia

> macromolecules" (while persomally I am from macromolecules). My strong
> feeling is that there is a lot of information to be exchanged between the
> two artificially maintained groups and we should put these groups of
> researches together and do not push them to different sides.

Although interesting and appealing, this view is in my personal opinion, a bit
To try and explain why, I will carry the argument a bit further:
'Macromolecular crystallography' itself is being carried in two directions:
One that uses high resolution structures to answer questions predominantly of
a 'chemical nature' while the other direction aims for 'any structure' that would
'biological function'. My personal experience is that its hard enough to keep this
together. So much more for small molecule collegues. The 'two groups' are not
artificial at all.
We may even be witnessing the dawn of a third one ... or the 'split' of the MacroX
to the 'mechanism/action' group and the 'big complexes' group ...

The level of detail and the expected accuracy that is expected and is used to answer
different questions, dictates that the techniques for the analysis are too diverge
be discussed in parallel and keep high the interest of both communities.


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