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Re: Request for comment (Cracow1001)

> 1 - "New Algorithms for New Structural Problems"
>     Suggested Chairpersons: P.Main, V.Lunin, D. Watkin
>     (In collaboration with the Macromolecular Sig.
>     Topics:
>                 Wavelets
>                 Structure Validation of Macromolecules
>                 New Solution Search Algoritms
>                 New Mathematical Techniques for Crystallographic Problems
>                 ?

The idea of the session looks good context-wise, but I am confused by the
I see new algorithms above but not new problems.
What are the new problems ? At least for macromolecules, all 'new' problems
I can see are 'technical' and concern speed and efficiency. No doubt there
is need for new algorithms but mostly for old problems.(?)

I attach a DRAFT  list of macromolecular SIG proposals I received from Keith
a while ago, in case it is of any use:


B2.1.  Protein expression, purification, and solubility
       chair:     Anthony Wilkinson
       cochair:   Juraj Sedlacek

B2.2.  Crystallogenesis
       chair:    Richard Giege
       cochair:   Noami Chayen

B2.3.  Synchrotron beam lines, detectors and data
       chair:     Roger Fourme
       cochair:   Elspeth Garman

B2.4.  On-line structure determination through ab initio and MAD phasing
       chair:     George Sheldrick
       cochair:  S.McSweeney

B2.5.  Molecular replacement: the phase problem - a good model problem
       chair:    Jorge Navaza
       cochair:   Dusan Turk

B2.6.  Building, visualisation, and modelling
       chair:     Gerard Kleywegt
       cochair:   Victor Lamzin

B2.7.  Refinement
       chair:     Randy Read
       cochair:   A.Perrakis

B2.8.  Low resolution, cryo-EM
       chair:     R.A.Crowther
       cochair:   Jose Carrascosa

B2.9.  Atomic resolution, quality, validation
       chair:     Keith Wilson
       cochair:   Thomas Schneider


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