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Re: ECM2001 - Program

Dear COMSIGers,

	This is the message I received from Poland in respons to a
	status inquiry some time ago.
Best wishes

Ton Spek


Dear Prof. Spek,

I have send your message to the people from Programme Committee, people
from Macromolecular group used one of your symposium, 

B2.10 New algorithms for new structural problems 
 chair:  Peter Main cochair:  Davide Viterbo

I know that you are talking with people selected by teaching-group.
Concerning third session, have you already found somebody to chair
'Advanced computational tools for small molecules and materials'

Topic is interesting and important, so we will appreciate very much your
I think, that these 3 sessions is all what you have suggested, as a chair
of Computing SIG?

On behalf of Organizing Committee,

Wieslaw Lasocha

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, a.l.spek wrote:

> Dear Prof Hodorowicz,
> 	I am contacting you as Chairman of the Computing SIG. 
> We wonder what the time scedule for the Krakow Meeting Program is.
> We have learned that the Protein people already planned for 18 micro-
> symposia (along with the names of the associated chair/co-chair
> persons).
> It looks like that there is some overlap with the three halfday sessions
> we hope to organise.
> one macro-molecular computing, 
> 'New algorithms for new structural problems'
> one on
> 'Advanced computational tools for small molecules and materials'
> and one on teaching/computing.
> For the macromolecular computing session, we hope to be able to 
> coordinate with the macromolecular SIG and for the computing/teaching
> session with the teaching SIG.
> Please inform us about your plans & scedule.
> Best wishes
> Ton Spek
> Chairman of the Computing SIG. 
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