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Proposals for ECM22-Budapest

Dear members of the ECA computing Sig #9,

Based on the (limited) number of proposals, the following has been 
forwarded to the ECM Program committee:

	Proposals from SIG #9 for ECM22

1) Planary speaker: Randy Read

2) Microsymposia

	- Crystal structure validation challenges and tools.

        - Advances and pitfalls in automated structure determination.

        - Crystallographic graphics tools and user interfaces.
        - Real-time macromolecular structure refinement.

Past experience learns that computing related sessions are always well

Best wishes

Ton Spek

Chairman of ECA-SIG #9

# Prof. Dr. A.L.Spek, Laboratory of Crystal and Structural Chemistry       #
# Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research, Utrecht University.            #
# (Kruytgebouw, room N801), Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht, The Netherlands. #
# E-mail: a.l.spek@chem.uu.nl       http://www.cryst.chem.uu.nl/           #
#                                   http://www.cryst.chem.uu.nl/platon/    #
#                                   anonymous ftp: xraysoft.chem.uu.nl     #
# FAX   : (31)-30-2533940           PHONE : (31)-30-2532538/2533/3902/3502 #
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