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ICSTI survey on network products/services

Dear EPC,
  ICSTI wishes to run
    A Survey on the Use of Network Based Products and Services.
  They sent me the following e-mail message and two MS Word files
(complete with viruses and in Mac BinHex archive format) for
 I'm no great fan of surveys but the results could be a helpful guide to
the IUCr.
 I would appreciate your comments.
 You will receive the two MS Word files, freed of their viruses by
McAfee, as a separate mailing as the list server refuses to handle them
because they are too big (I agree). I managed to show them up on the
screen and print them from  my Windows NT pc with Word 97.
Best wishes,


In response to a need expressed by several members at the last General
Assembly, it is proposed to conduct a survey aimed at obtaining
on end-user needs and expectations of network-based information products

and services. The methodology has been developed by Wubbo Tempel,
Science, and Henk Compier, ADONIS: each ICSTI member will be asked to
provide the names of 6-8 of their end-users who will receive the
questionnaire compiled by Elsevier Science. The questionnaire will be
mailed, received and analyzed by Elsevier.

Please find attached two documents:

1. ICSTI Survey.doc which is the proposed questionnaire. You are
to comment as follows:

- Identify omissions in the question list
- Suggest areas to delete
- Comment on ambiguities/unclarities
- Other suggestions.
(Apologies for lay-out problems which we have not dealt with thoroughly
in this stage)

Please have the comments sent to hcompier@adonis.nl or

2. Targetdef.doc which gives a profile of the people to be surveyed.
Members should select 6-8 people from their constituency to be
(E.g. we at Elsevier Science poll editors, Adonis puts forward clients)
 name, address, approx. age, discipline and e-mail address.

These should go to w.tempel@elsevier.nl.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Sent by ICSTI Secretariat on behalf of Wubbo Tempel and Henk Compier

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