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Re: Ericsson prize

Part of that $250,000 could do good stuff providing 
hard-disks (or complete PC based web-servers) to get more
IUCr regional mirrors going) - especially in third
world countries.    This could include Australia
given difficulty in finding spare Web resources that
can be tapped into for mirroring.


At 08:19 04/02/99 GMT, you wrote:
>Howard - this looks worth investigating further.
>> > 
>> > More than $250,000 in cash and in-kind Web development
>> > services will be donated to selected nonprofit organizations
>> > that win the Ericsson Internet Community Award -- or ERICA -
>> > a new international awards program designed to help
>> > nonprofit organizations realize the power of the Internet.
>> > Sponsored by Ericsson, the ERICA runs from now through 31
>> > March 1999. Judges include Bo Peabody, CEO of Tripod, Paul
>> > Brainerd, founder and president of Brainerd Foundation, Ron
>> > Erickson, chairman of eCharge, Fernando J. Espuelas, CEO of
>> > StarMedia, Inc., Jane Metcalfe, cofounder of Wired, and
>> > Frederick G.I. Singer, COO of ICQ, Inc. For more
>> > information, see http://www.ericsson.com/erica.
>>   Should we apply?
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