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EPC budget

  CEP budget for 1999:   Draft. Comments please. 

[1]     CHF 5000.- for student help with technical editorial work on
IUCr web information services

[2]     CHF 600.- one trip to Chester

[3]     GBP 1000.-  The cost of producing the book "50 Years of X-ray
Diffraction" (scanning and interpreting about 750 pp, providing links
between chapters and to the contents, and supplying a full-text index
searchable from the CD-ROM) is just over 1000 pounds. This is for the
Glasgow CD-ROM.

[4]     GBP 750.-  The cost of producing 1300 CD-ROMs at 0.58p of the
Glasgow Abstracts for distribution with the September Issue of Acta
Cryst A.

[5]     GBP 180.- 2 - 3 'extra' days' hotel and food in Glasgow for CEP
chairman to be interviewed by the Executive.

N.B.  N.B. N.B.  May be [3] and [4] are not really for the CEP's budget
and may be they are not for the IUCr to pay but the finance committee's
attention must be drawn to these two items. Quite where Oxford Cryo's
"sponsorship" starts and stops on this CD-ROM is unclear to me.

 Budget requests for renewal of equipment in the Chester Office are
issued directly by the Managing Editor and the R&D officer.

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