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Re: Crystallography Journals Online

> > Crystallography Journals Online
>   I think that the result of all your very hard work is very good
> indeed.
>   I like the clean layout of the entry page and of the individual
> articles both in the html and pdf format. 

I agree with Howard.  Browsing J Applied Cryst using the HTML
option was very nice and painless compared to walking down to
the library.


Main comment is the need for speed.  Daresbury lab is only a local
bus away from Chester yet the speed is quite slow.  On-line
access can live or die based on speed issues.

What is the estimated cost of getting the IUCr a "top class" fast
  - Cost of connection
  - Cost of hardware to support connection
  - Admin/staff/time costs and issues
  - Yearly recurrent/maintenance costs.

Is the Chester office hamstrung in its options and initiatives 
in some regard by not having good, routine, fast internet links?


Other issue is how easy would it possible be to mirror these remotely
and is this practical if accounts could be obtained on remote servers?
And the machines were configured with security in mind (mainly secure 
telnetting using Secure Shell)?  


Lachlan M. D. Cranswick

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